Exit Devices

Lawrence Hardware- 5000 Series Exit Device Trim, Storeroom Function, No Cylinder-Painted Aluminum

Our Price: $127.20
Manufacturer: Lawrence Hardware

Product Description

For 5510 and 5530 Series Exit Device, Trim, Economy Escutcheon, Key Retracts Latchbolt (Rigid Lever), Storeroom Function, Night Latch Escutcheon Lever, Escutcheon Plate Size: 8-1/16" x 2-5/8" x 29/32", ANSI Function Number 3, Rim Cylinder Type, Non-Handed and Easy to Installl, Trim has Two Thruogh Bolts that Connect to the Device Chassis Providing Increased Durability and Security, This Trim is Anit-Vandalism Type that Prevents the Lock from Damage When the Lever is Locked, This Trim has No Cylinder, Painted Aluminum