Restroom Hardware

DON-JO Kick Plate
Starting at $29.95
Privacy Latch
Slide Latches
Starting at $3.90
Strikes and Keepers
Starting at $10.70
Chrome Plated Door Pull
Starting at $5.79
DON-JO Die Cast Coat Hook
Starting at $2.26
Concealed Latches & Knobs
Starting at $14.82
Urinal Cast Wall Brackets
Starting at $28.36
DON-JO Push/Pull Plates
Starting at $10.95
Hager - Concealed Electrified Hinge
ETW - Electric Through Wire Hinge
Starting at $0.00
Five Knuckle Standard Weight Series
Recommended for standard weight, medium frequency doors, or doors with closing devices.
Starting at $0.00
Standard Weight Spring Hinge
Recommended for standard weight, medium frequency doors in place of door closers in apartments, hotels, motels, office buildings, etc.
Starting at $0.00
Surface Mounted Hinges
Starting at $127.58

Full Line of Restroom Hardware 

Christy Commercial Hardware has everything you need to create a bathroom in your next building or restore bathrooms in your current one. We have a wide variety of locks, knobs, sliding bolts, key boxes, corner guards, grab bars, throw latches, latch protectors, floor stops, wall brackets and other restroom hardware. Download our catalog to see our extensive line of commercial and industrial restroom hardware or call us for products you don’t see here. We can order any restroom hardware you need to repair, restore or install your restroom doors, locks and stalls.