Exit Devices

Cylinder Round Rose Lever - 8000 Series Trim

Manufacturer: Lawrence Hardware
  • For Rim and Surface Vertical Rod
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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: Lawrence Hardware has been purchased by Hafele America Company.  During their transition, the supply chain of product has been temporarily affected increasing shipping leadtimes by 3-4 weeks.

  • For 8700 and 8800 Series Exit Device
  • Trim, Cylinder Round Rose Lever, Rose Diameter 3-3/8" x Lever 5-1/4" x Projection 3"
  • Non-Handed, Easy to Install, Lever Handle Allows Convenient One-Hand Operation, Trim has Two Through Bolts that Connect to the Device Chassis Providing Increased Durability and Security, Lever is Freewheeling (Clutch)
  • The Lever will Rotate when Locked to Prevent Excessive Force Being Applied (This Reduces the Chances of the Lever Being Damaged)
  • Satin Stainless Steel finish