90 Degree Offset Door Pulls - 12" CTC
GFI#: 057-BF156-90-313
DON-JO Push/Pull Plates
Starting at $10.95
Cylindrical Latch
6000 Series
Starting at $1
Low Profile Cylindrical Latches
6800 Series
Starting at $0
Quiet Glide Cylindrical Latches
6800Q Series - No Noise Latch - Zero Decibels Gained
Starting at $1

Commercial and Industrial Door Push/Pull Plates

Christy Commercial Hardware has a large selection of commercial and industrial push and pull plates, commercial door hardware and accessories. We have many different types of door pushes and pulls in all shapes, sizes, finishes, and styles like 90-degree offset door pulls in 8” or 2” CTC from Rockwood. If you need bulk pricing to repair or restore worn or broken door pulls in your bathroom, office, or facility, give us a call! We are only featuring of few of our available push/pull hardware on our website.